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The authors of Buggy

The team

MN Nicolas Guibert

In 1999, Nicolas won the Senior France championship, and then represented France in a few international tournaments.

He is a professional developer and Buggy's programmer since september 1998.

He developed a few years later the first online board gaming platform with AI and tutorials: Happy Meeple. We warmly suggest you play board games online (card and dice games) on Happy Meeple. You will find there some of the best games of today by the best game designers.

Souleymane Keita

Souleymane is a very talented Senegalese player, studying philosophy in Paris.

With a high international rating (2272), Souleymane is one of the best 90 players in the world.

Souleymane plays many games against Buggy, and is its favourite human sparring-partner.

Souleymane is a member of Buggy's team since February 2002.

GMI Maxime Kouamé

Maxime is a very strong international player.

He finished 10th in the world championship in 1986, and 3rd in the team world championship with Ivory Coast, also in 1986.

He works on the opening book of Buggy and gives precious advice on strategy.

Maxime is a member of Buggy's team since February 2001.

MI Wieger Wesselink

Dutch Champion in 1993 and 23rd on the World Federation rating list, Wieger is a world-class player.

Besides his being an expert in draughts, Wieger also knows a lot about computing science and draughts-playing programs. Hence, he is a strong asset for Buggy's team.

Wieger is a member of Buggy's team since October 2002.

Buggy's team
in June 2002 in Paris

Special thanks

Buggy benefits from the community work of M. Grimmink and H. Jetten (endgame database), F. Mesander (DamExchange protocole), and K. Bor (Turbo Dambase, games database).

We also want to thank the French programmers Jean-Bernard Alemanni and Saïd Koudache for their precious advice.